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Mr. Barnes and his team of math tutors made my senior year a breeze. Before I went to Math Made Simple I thought I wouldn’t be able to pass Honors Pre Calculus but I did! All I had to do was put the “I can’t” behind me and know that Math Made Simple was there to help me. With the help of Mr. Barnes and Mr. Akah I was able to bring my grade from a devastating 40, to a C within TWO weeks! The last 3 quarters of my senior year I received a 93, 95 and 97. I always bragged on Mr. Barnes but you know people need proof before they take your word. Well, I was the proof! Once going to Math Made Simple I was helping the teacher teach the class. My teacher would call my mom and brag because he saw a different Courtney than he did before Math Made Simple. I’m really happy I chose Math Made Simple and I appreciate Mr. Barnes and his team for helping me. – Courtney Porter

- Student

The first time I came here I was happy and I’m glad I was getting help. I pulled up my math grade fast! First, it was a F and now it is a C. Math Made Simple is the best! – Eric Kelly

I started coming to Math Made Simple on September 8, 2012. By the time report cards were finalized on October 5th, my grades increased by two letters! – Genesis Berry


TelenishiI am a 2004 graduate of Memphis Catholic High School and now a Software Engineer for Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, Arizona. As an engineer, I use mathematics almost every day to help develop code for missiles. Mr. Barnes played an integral role in my life, helping me to appreciate math and influencing me to work in the engineering field.

He was very tough on us and pushed us to reach our fullest potential. He is a great teacher and motivator and is extremely passionate about helping students learn math. That passion is very much evident in how he teaches. We always knew that if we needed help we could come to his room after class and he would sit down and work with us. – Telenishi Robinson

BrittaneyHe (Mr. Barnes) taught me that working hard will ensure that I am successful in life, and he provided me with the tools that would aid in my success in life. On the subject of mathematics, Mr. Barnes was extremely successful at breaking down the math material and he made sure that we understood the process.

He also provided us with additional information about how each section of mathematics was used in every day life. After completing his ACT Prep course, my math ACT score drastically increased. – Brittaney Hill

JessicaI entered Memphis Catholic High School a little scared about what high school was really like. The academics were challenging. It was difficult for me to accept all the changes. I overcame a lot of my fears After meeting Mr. Barnes. Mr. Barnes wasn’t like most of the teachers I had met before. He was very direct and goal oriented.

He was concerned with preparing us for the future and all the obstacles we would have to face in math and in our everyday tasks. I remember one of the main lessons he taught was one has to want to learn and participate in order to succeed. – Jessica Bursi

LynetraAs a 2006 graduate of Memphis Catholic High School, there is one man that pushed me to reach my fullest potential ,and that man’s name is Mr. Cornelius Barnes. Mr. Barnes is different from most math teachers I have had. He made me know the word “can’t” wasn’t acceptable.

He made me work and think outside of my comfort zone, he made me laugh and cry, but at the end of the day I learned valuable lessons that I could use in everyday life. He loved to help students, I could always stop by his room to ask question or even do practice problems so I would be ready for the next quiz or test. He challenged our minds by giving us math presentations at the end of the year.

We as students had to use our knowledge to see how math can be directly related to our everyday lives. As a junior at Western Kentucky University, I have taken college algebra and received a “B” which is a improvement from the days in high schools when I was making a low “C.” I am now embarking on a new journey in summer school taking microeconomics. – Lynetra Ross

Julyanna Mister Barnes has inspired me. Making me believe in my dreams and making me believe that I am capable of doing anything that I put my mind to do. He has inspired me to believe in myself. This was the secret of how I accomplished my goals. I highly recommend him without a doubt. Mr. Barnes is very qualified and prepared for anything that comes his way. His perseverance, work ethic, and positive attitude define what he stands for as a math mentor. – Julyanna

BinhI am an Electrical Engineering major today greatly due to a unique teaching method set by Mr. Barnes in high school. College has been a breeze thus far. The motivation, confidence, and leadership Mr. Barnes taught me in high school have carried me a long way.

His unique style of mentoring is truly effective on many people as well as myself. I learned something new every time I step into his classroom, and so will you! – Binh Nguyen