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UPDATE 6/17/2015: Math Made Simple’s tutoring fees have increased from $40 to $50 per week. Learn more about the price changes here.

Math Made Simple offers a 12 week program that provides strategic and individualized academic support in the areas of mathematics up to 8 hours and/or English up to 6 hours of instruction.

The individualized plans are designed to reinforce past learning, build upon current classroom learning and prepare a solid foundation for future success. This support includes homework assistance and/or online learning if necessary. This program has been proven to increase the performance students by at least one letter grade.

Note: We Service Grade Levels 1-12 and College.

Individual & Group Tutoring in the Following Subjects:

  • Basic Math,
  • Pre-Algebra,
  • Algebra I & II,
  • Geometry,
  • Pre-Cal/Trig,
  • Reading,
  • Grammar Mechanics,
  • English Composition & Writing,
  • and English I & II

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Math:       8 hrs for $50/wk
6 hrs for $50/wk
Get Both Services: 8 hrs of Math and 6 hours of English tutoring for $85 (per week). 

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